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It is difficult to find good orthopaedic surgeon on Sunday or Holiday for needy patient. Whenever possible Dr Maheshwari provides consultation on Sunday / Holiday without extra charges.
For someone very uncomfortable at home particularly elderly (senior citizen) after fall at home it becomes difficult to decide for family members what to do. Dr Maheshwari provides home visit for this type of needy patients without extra charges.
For very poor patients Dr Maheshwari provides treatment at concessional rate (or totally free in some situations). For this purpose patient should approach him with proof of income. Dr Maheshwari has good relations with management of many charitable hospitals also where patient can be offered maximum concession without compromising quality of treatment.
Mrs Lata Kamble, from slum area Belapur Navi Mumbai (phone no. 9503721334)
I had leg fracture (tibia fracture) which did not heal after 2 years of treatment many doctors. Fortunately it healed with Dr Maheshwari’s surgery. I was bed ridden for 2 years and now I am able to walk on my legs. Dr Maheshwari did this whole treatment free of cost. All I can pay him is good wishes only.

Dr Maheshwari delivered many lectures and counselling sessions with audiovisual devices in Industries and at social meetings.
Dr Maheshwari conducted many orthopedic camps (free consultations) to help masses.